3 arrested for keeping counterfeit equipment

Police is Mulanje are keeping in custody Rajiv Patel, Issa Yalud and Martin Nansongole for allegedly possessing equipment that can forge any protected images, including the local currency.

Mulanje Police Publicists Gresham Ngwira said the initial information suggested that the three were keeping counterfeiting currency but it was later established that they were having a machine.

“We received information that some men were keeping counterfeit currency. but when we arrived at the said place, it’s when we found an image more less like a card having pictures of K200 and K500 banknotes. So as of now, the case is on possession of equipment that can be used to print fake currency,” said Ngwira.

According to Ngwira, the three are currently remanded to Mulanje Prison awaiting trial in court.