500 Social Cash Transfer Programme beneficiaries to graduate in Zomba

500 Social Cash Transfer Programme beneficiaries to graduate in Zomba

About 500 beneficiaries of Social Cash Transfer Programme in Zomba are set to graduate this year, the first group since 2015 when the programme rolled out in the district.

The decision to graduate some beneficiaries follows significant improvement in their social-economic life courtesy of the programme, according to the District Social Cash Transfer Officer, Ned Mkumba.

“Some beneficiaries managed to build decent houses; send their children to school and others have established small-scale businesses that assist them in managing their daily needs,” said Mkumba.

Mkumba further said some beneficiaries of the programme have bought livestock and formed village savings groups, which he said was a clear sign of improved wellbeing.

The Social Cash Transfer Programme beneficiaries to graduate are those who registered in 2015 and were supposed to graduate in 2020.

“As per programme design, beneficiaries are supposed to graduate every four years. We, therefore, failed to graduate them because the economic wellbeing of some beneficiaries had not improved at all,” said Mkumba.

He, however, expressed satisfaction that some beneficiaries would be graduating, which he said was an indication the programme was serving its purpose of reducing poverty and hunger amongst the ultra-poor Malawians.

Government is implementing a Social Cash Transfer Programme targeting the rural ultra-poor and labour-constraint households with support from its development partners.