5000 underprivileged students to benefit from Bushiri Bursary Scheme

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the ECG Jesus Nation Church has released details on how the targeted 5,000 underprivileged students in secondary schools and universities both in private and public schools can benefit from the Shepherd Bushiri Bursary Scheme.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe on Monday, Prophet Bushiri said students will have to apply for the loan by sending their applications to [email protected]

According to Bushiri, the students will have to state why they want the bursary, amount of money needed, and prove their 1ity that they are Malawians among other requirements.

"They have to state why they want the bursary, confirmation of 1ity and the amount of money needed. They also need to provide names and contacts of their parent or guardian and also names and contact of their headteacher or registrar of their institutions," he said.

Bushiri: the Bursary is open to Malawian students with not more than 27 years of age

Bushiri further said the bursary is open to Malawian students aged 27 years and below.

The ECG Jesus Nation Church leader pointed out that university students will start benefiting from the bursary immediately while secondary school students will start next term as the current term ais closing.

Bushiri added that his bursary is not a loan, however, has called for students who will benefit from his bursary to replicate the gesture to someone if they get work one day.

The bursary comes at a time when many secondary and university students in the country are denied their right to education due to lack of school fees.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is well known of his Charity works in the country with latest being the support he rendered to Cyclone Storm Ana victims in the Lowershire.