A walk into Slessor's Music to be launched on Dec 5

Hip hop dazzler Slessor Munthali says everything is ready for the launch of his biography titled "A walk into Slessor's Music" on December 5 this year.

Slessor told Nthanda Times in an interview that he is aware of how impactful a biography can be of difference in his music career, either in the immediate or long run on possible corporate deals in the near future and making dividends out of music.

"I am aware that corporate brands are always interested in an image of the artist before setting an endorsement deal in motion. Corporates are happy with numbers when it comes to using artists in product branding. By and large, I'm eager to give my fan-base and corporates the picture of an artist who is into empowering and inspiring lyrics for the betterment of the Malawian community, on wholesale," Slessor said.

The lapper said he is eager to take his music to a different dimension in a bid to make an impression on the musical global scene and to attract the interest of corporates and civil society institutions that are interested in social change.

Slessor: the biography gives a picture of my music career

"A Walk into Slessor's Music is a biography that brings to fore my walk to stardom, my love life, and my academic background. In addition, the book also provides professional insights on how artists can elevate their brands to greater dimensions and how they can successfully commercialize their art," said the gifted rapper.

The book was 1ed by Likhula publications under Sambalikagwa Mvona, written by award-winning poet And writer Richard Chiligo Jr and edited by Edith Gondwe together with Joseph Daniel Sukali.

The biography will be launched at Golden Peacock Hotel in Blantyre.

In a separate interview, Richard Chilango the book author said arts-lovers should come and witness the birth of a magnum opus on a night that promises nothing less of a razzle dazzle.

"We are working towards an event of resplendent colours as we have engaged some of the country's most sought after artists including Smacks, Saint, Baxxy, Princess Matiki, Bouncy, just but to mention a few," he said.