Acquiring knowledge is vital for success

One day, I if not mistaken it was Sunday evening, I was one of the passengers in one of these minibuses which run in Lilongwe from town to Chipasula via Biwi. There were two ladies whom I identified them as work mates through their conversation. Their presence did not catch my attention only when one of them said that nowadays she is working weekends on overtime duties to catch up her end meets. One of the reasons for that extra mile was that she doesn’t want her family to miss zee world series due to failure in meeting DStv payments dues. As I was about to reach my destination the driver informed as that one of us should collect the transport fee. A certain gentleman from the back seat commented, ‘I thought the absent of your assistance was a sigh that you have chosen to do the works of God today as it looks you have already reached your boss target.’ I wish you would know that my friends are waiting for their buyer at sun city pubs and my absent there is a disaster. The driver replied. From these conversations some questions popped in my mind. How do we spend our time after work?  I think many of us worst hours after work by engaging in things that has less or no influence to success. In turn we keep on maintain our daily schedules for many years with the hope that hardworking alone will serve us.  Have you ever thought that you can use this valued time to gain knowledge which is useful for success? It seems that we are very interested in things that provide entertainments to our senses. And these have grabbed the attention and time we have to invest in our works, goals, and visions. And yet after two or free years we complain for not seeing any sign of success in our lives. Of course we cannot deny the fact that success is subjective and it depends on how one defines it Let me borrow this Chinese proverb “the frog that is trapped in a well does not understand the sea.” Most of us we are limited to what the world is proving us. Let’s take this as an example; do you know how many hour you spend on watching a TV per week, just looking at our valued smart phones or iPods per day. What if we can steal some hours we worst on TV and invest them in seeking knowledge that is helpful to our intended goals and vision?  Mind you, there is nothing wrong in engaging with these appliances. Only that it is a disaster to stick and be addicted to trivial information that adds no useful knowledge for success. If you remember very well, last time I pointed out that it’s hard to succeed if we only depend and invest the whole efforts on hard work alone. for the reason that as we grow up responsibilities and world also keep on changing which in turn demand us to work extra hard to satisfy and fulfill the needs. At least hardworking together with proper knowledge can make one to go through the process of success smartly since knowledge acts as theoretical guideline or formula for success. But how and where can one get knowledge? This is a question which supposed to be answered by us individually since it might depend on what we do to earn a living. Obviously, knowledge can be acquired through learning, when I say learning I guess I have brought you back in the classes you used to be in those school days. This time around I am not referring to school. Yes of course, school is the mother for distributing knowledge, but you can also acquire knowledge by using other means. Knowledge can be acquired by learning from your own experience or other people’s experiences. Mind you what you are doing today, probably someone else did it, and it might be in the previous generations or in ours. With no doubt, in each and every field of expertise there are legends, veterans and professionals in there. Have we ever taken our time to get to know their stories, inventions, or talents? Do we make relationships with them? I guess if we don’t make revision the great works in the past and get lessons from old people then we are going nowhere. Do you know that we all have the chances to chat with great people all over the world? Believe me you can engage in discussions with billionaires, inventors, various motivational speakers, and great people in every field. And this is not limited to only those who are alive today, but even those who went in the other world are still speaking to us today. Yes they are willing to chat and share something to us. We can be connected to them through reading their books, watching and listening to their seminaries videos and audios, and from whatever means they use to send information to the world. It’s possible to develop knowledge that can be helpful to your success by learning from others and even yourself. Let’s maintain the hardworking spirit we possess as we are seeking the rightful knowledge for success.