Acts of kindness deserve to be seen-Gwamba

One of the country’s big names in Hip-hop gospel, Gwamba has said that acts of kindness are supposed to remain exposed in order to be seen and inspire other people particularly the youth to develop the spirit of kindness. Gwamba made the remarks on Tuesday, in an interview in response to the charity work which he wants to carry out in Lilongwe city on Saturday, May 29, 2021, which is aiming at supporting street kids and physically challenged people begging in the city’ streets. The musician said that, he has decided to embark on this initiative as one way of fulfilling the word of God. “As Christians, the gospel of God is not only about preaching like the way we do in the music and Facebook but also we need to practice what we preach, hence as a gospel artist I decided to come up with something that would fulfill the gospel,” Gwamba said. Asked about the public opinions on the initiative which some say the artist is not supposed to publicize his charity deeds as it will be like showing off, Gwamba said that he opted to put his forthcoming charity work program on public in order to inspire youth in a positive way. “There was a time I used to drink alcohol and smoke and the youth used to look at that, now that I am a different Gwamba from the one that people knew, I want my new character to impact the youth in a very positive way.
Gwamba: we need to practice what we preach
“It is funny that the time when I was a bad example no one had a problem with it and now allover sudden when I posted that I want to give, some people are saying that I am showing off yet when I was posting about alcohol and other bad things no one talked about it. “Even in the bible Jesus performed miracles in public in order for public to see and that was not showing off. Acts of kindness deserve to be seen and be on camera, when someone captures stupid things people do not have problem, but when good things have been captured everyone has a problem and I do not understand why,” he said. He therefore urged the public to develop the spirit of supporting the needy with the little they have saying that it does not need millions amount of money to assist the underprivileged. One of Gwamba’s fans, Henry Daudi commended Gwamba for his upcoming charity work saying that the initiative portrays Gwamba’s good spirit. “The hand that gives is the hand that is blessed, keep it up Mr. Gwamba for your initiative and that is very good spirit and God will bless you abundantly,” Daudi said.