AFORD into restructuring process

In an attempt to restore the glorious days that Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) enjoyed between 1994 to 2004, the party's president Enock Chihana has embarked on a countrywide restructuring of the party at the grassroots level.

On Saturday, July 17, Chihana was in Mzimba where he firstly knelt and apologized to AFORD's oldest followers in the district for neglecting them for the past few years when it comes to running affairs of the party. He thereafter, engaged all district party officials and the party's followers to brainstorm new policies to be used in governing the party.

Among other changes, the party has adopted a decentralization system of running a political party and through that, Mzimba South has been converted into a political region which is called Mombera region.

Chihana apologizing in Mzimba on Saturday

Chihana says the establishment of new political regions is aiming at empowering supporters to own the party and make key decisions saying party followers have more power than the President.

"I can't be a party president without followers. AFORD belongs to people and we have established new regions to make our party more active to bring back supporters that had left us," said Chihana.

He also assured his party supporters that AFORD will continue playing an advisory role within Tonse Government to facilitate the delivery of development projects to the citizens.

Currently, Yeremiah Chihana of Mzimba North Constituency is the only legislator AFORD has in the 1 Assembly.

In 1994, AFORD had 36 Members of Parliamentt.