Arrows cheers female inmates at Mikuyu 2 prison

Zomba Based Youth club, Arrows says empowering inmates in acquiring vocational skills is vibrant in making them self-reliance after finishing their custodial sentences. The club’s Publicity Secretary Carlen Mkandawire made the sentiments on Monday when the grouping cheered female section inmates at Mikuyu Prison in the district. In an interview with Nthanda Times, Mkandawire pointed out that inmates’ time in prison can be productive to the country if they are fully taught technical knowhow that will remain with them for their lifetime. Mkandawire said the female inmates at Mikuyu prison showed their interest in acquiring vocation skills. “The female inmates asked to be equipped with different skills such as tailoring. So as a club we will strive to ensure that sewing machines and other technical tools are available at the facility,” said Mkandawire. Mkandawire : female inmates at Mikuyu prison showed their interest in acquiring vocation skills Mkandawire also urged well-wishers to work hand in hand with the youth club in order to meet the demands of the inmates. On his part, Mikuyu prison Assistant Chaplain Sergeant Sanuweck Payesa applauded Arrows for the timely gesture the youth club has shown saying it is with great impact. “There is a need of collaborative efforts in ensuring the welfare of inmates because government alone cannot manage to look after the basic needs of every prisoner,” explained Payesa. Payesa : government alone cannot improve welfare of inmates Also commenting was Martha Scort, one of the female inmate from the facility who started by giving a standing ovation to the youth club for the assorted items they donated such as sanitary products that will help them to look after their hygiene. Scort also urged well-wishers to reach out to them with material, spiritual and psychologically support. Scort : we need more support “We face a lot of challenges in the prison that can only be dealt with by those who are capable and of good will. Some of us may stay at pre-trial detention for a while than expected before seeing justice due to lack of enough income to book a lawyer,” expounded Scort. As of Monday, Mikuyu 2 Prison had 16 unlock from female section. Sharing is Caring!