Balaka scribes advised to positively report on COVID-19

Fatseleni Asamu, Mana, Balaka. Development Communications Trust (DCT), an institution that deals in development communication, has advised all journalists in Balaka to report on COVID-19 issues with a sense of responsibility.

The organisation said responsible reporting would effectively contribute to the fight against the global pandemic. In an interview DCT Project Officer Thandie Mchiswe, stressed the need to clarify the roles of journalists so that they execute their duties from an informed position.

“There are a lot of myths and misconceptions concerning COVID-19 infection and vaccination; we feel the media has a critical role to play, especially in sending the right information to the masses,” Mchiswe said.

She, therefore, said the media has an advocacy role to play by listening to peoples concerns and then inform the district stakeholders on what is obtained on the ground for necessary redress.