Blayaco partners Mbayani Health Centre in provision of youth friendly health services

As one way of implementing Government's efforts in providing health care services in the country, a youthful Non-Governmental Organization in Blantyre Bwalo La Ana Youth Active Organization (Blayaco) has partnered with Mbayani Health Centre in the provision of Youth friendly health services in the city.

Speaking at the meeting held at Blayaco offices at Chemusa in the City on Friday, the organization's Executive Director Noel Humphrey Liwonde said the clinic is set to commence the provision of the services on Saturday 26 June, 2021.

He said Blayaco will act as a bridge between the youths in the community and the clinic as it will be sensitizing and referring the youths to receive the health services at the referral.

"We want to communicate that the health services will be provided to youths at Mbayani Health Centre on Saturday 26 June, 2021 starting from 1:30 pm. As an organization, we are the ones who will be responsible for connecting the youths in the community to the referral so as they get the services," said Liwindo.

Youths will now get friendly health services at Mbayani Health Centre

In her remarks, one of the midwife technicians at Mbayani Health Centre Hanna Nachuma said the clinic will provide two health services namely focal person youth friendly service and focal person on family planning service.

Nachuma said the services will help in sensitizing the youths on HIV and AlDS counseling, circumcision, screening for cervical cancer, screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and its management, Condom Provision, Provision of ARVs, Encouraging people on nutrition, Provision of prep and pep and provision of family planning methods.

"Our clinic will provide two health services to youths that is focal person youth friendly service and focal person on family planning services, and these two services will carry messages about HIV and AlDS counseling, screening for cervical cancer and many more," said Nachuma.

Apart from provision of health services to youths, Blayaco will also intervene in sanitation at the health centre.

Blayaco is a registered Youth organization located at Chemusa Trading Centre in Blantyre.