Blessme expresses concern on oppression and struggle in a new track

Few days after announcing his upcoming album, Blessme Phiri whose stage name is Blessme has released a new track titled “Nkhwangwa pa Mwala” produced by Inkosi Music and Hope Czo.

In the song, Blessme expresses his concern over the struggle and oppression that African countries are facing all because of Pan Africanism which occurred some decades ago when the Whites captured Africans in slavery and sailed them over the Indian ocean to be working in their factories and companies and later on come to Africa in the name of peacemakers.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, Blessme said that the motivation behind the song came from a Pan Africanist point of view when it comes to the struggle that Africa is going through.

Blessme: the song talks about struggle and oppression facing African countries

“The message in the song is that African should stand on its ground and protect her spiritual and cultural values, and her sanity," said Blessme.

Gerald Maida, a music fan from Zomba said described the song as an eye-opener on Pan Africanism to youths that are born in today’s generation