Blessme’s Tikangodekha video features on Trace TV Gospel

Zomba based hip hop artist Blessme has all reasons to smile as his song titled Tikangodekha is enjoying air play on Trace TV Gospel channel in programs namely ‘Praise Vibes’ and ‘African Vibes’. Blessme, real name Magella Phiri who has two projects to his name showed his gladness in an interview with Nthanda Times that his video has been accepted by Trace Tv gurus to be played on its gospel channel. Blessme told Nthanda Times that faith and courage guided him to produce and send the video to Trace Tv amid a lot of stages it passes through and the competition for one’s work to be accepted.  "A lot of people tend to fear to send their music videos in Malawi to Trace TV since it involves a lot of advanced stages but it needs one to have faith that the long process will lead to the videos being received,” said Blessme. Bless me, Gospel Hip Hop artist Directed by Dizzo, Tikangodekha is a gospel song which advises people to hold patience on God for he solves all our problems and make us achieve different goals and plans. Having recorded his first song in 2012 when he was in first year at Chancellor College in Zomba, Blessme has a mixtape titled Songs of a Prodigal Son which has 12 songs and it was mostly done in 2018 but got released in January 2019. The Tikangodekha hit maker has also an Extended Playlist (EP) titled Thupi ndi Mzimu (Flesh & Spirit) which has 7 songs and it was released in August 2019, and revealed that he has recently worked on three music videos. Prodigal son artwork Despite being a hip-hop gospel artist, Blessme has also released a number of spoken poetry with his first piece being The Dry Bones which he released in 2017. According to Blessme, the poem draws inspiration from the Books of Ezekiel 37:4 and Romans 8:19. The poem paints a picture of how the transformational power of the Word of God can bring back life to various dead situations in individuals and communities. The poem shows how man ought to use this power of the Word. He released a second poem titled ‘Where Were You?’ in 2019 which aims at encouraging people to express their love and care on their loved ones whilst they are still alive. Many are the times we fail to utilize the opportunities that we have to do good to people but when they die, we tend to say a lot of good things for the deceased. In the poem, a dead man asks a lot of questions to mourners who never showed up for help when he needed such during his life time. His latest poem is titled "Her Beauty" which is a fictional story about a man who has been obsessed with a certain woman's physical beauty to the extent that he overlooks all other traits/character of the woman. He interprets the attraction that he has the woman as love and he married her but the story ends in tragedy as the woman's beauty fades away following a fatal car crash. In the end, the man no longer feels in love with the woman.  The Tikangodekha hit maker, Blessme, said the he wrote this poem to send a very important verse to both men and women who are looking for love. "The message is simple: Focus on this that are imperishable in the person whom you want to commit to, and check the motives of the person who claims to love you. Much as it is important to have some to have a love partner whom you are physically attracted to, that shouldn't be the only reason to commit to the person," said Blessme. Blessme : I'm also a poet Blessme reference verse is: Proverbs 31:30 - Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Blessme recorded his first solo song in 2012 when he was in first year at Chancellor College, Zomba. He then joined a campus-based group called Kingdom Movement (KMT) where he got more experience in stage performances. He started a serious journey in solo music projects after his graduation in 2018. Blessme - Tikangodekha Video Sharing is Caring!