Bon Kavala Banda releases a Video on Ndaiponyera Kwakuya Track

A popular artist Bon Kavala Banda previously known as Bon Kavalasaza has on Saturday released a video on “ndaiponyera Kwakuya” track which is currently trending on YouTube. 

During an interview with Malawi News Agency on Tuesday, Kavala said ndaiponyera Kwakuya track is one of his song in an album which is expected to be released next month. 

“Ndayiponyera kwakuya track is taken from my new album which I will release next month but at this moment in time, I have just released this single some weeks ago, and this is the video Malawians should enjoy and learn something from.

Bon Kavala Banda: Ndaiponyera Kwakuya has been taken from an album which I will release next month

“Since 2013 just when I become a born-again Christian, I have released 4 gospel albums on top of the 6 secular albums which I released previously under the name Bon Kavalasanza Banda which include ‘Nyamule, Mkaka-Mkaka, Dr. Love and Professor,’” Kavala explained.    

Kavala said he took 3 years without releasing any song because he was at cross-roads of preparations and looking forward to what to preach to people across the country and other hemispheres of concern. 

Kavala further said that Ndaiponyera Kwakuya hit song is an inspiration from the Bible on Luke 5 Verse 4 when Jesus instill a spirit of faith in fishermen who were heavily disappointed for working in vain all night long without catching any fish and yet Jesus told them to let down the nets once again. 

In a separate interview, producer at CL Touch Studio Viwe Chibwana who also produced this song has commended Kavala as a legend saying that his songs are always hit songs with lots of biblical lessons and motivations to Malawians. 

“Kavala has for long proved to be a talented gospel artist and above all, one of the legends in music industry in Malawi who knows how to entertain, educate as well as motivates people through gospel music. 

Random interviews with people in Lilongwe township show that Ndaiponyera Kwakuya song has poached a bombshell of popularity among Malawian songs and even its video is being liked by many on YouTube.

You can watch the video below: