British 1 commits suicide in Mangochi

70-year-old British 1 identified as David Henry Graves has died after hanging himself with a rope to a roof in the kitchen.

The incident occurred on the wee hours of June 7, 2021 at Michesi Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi, wife to the deceased Jane Rex, 34, told police that in the afternoon of June 6, 2021 as usual she went out for drinking with friends and left the husband at home.

She came back totally drunk in the wee hours of the next day and went straight to bed, but was awaken by their son in the morning who informed her that he saw his father hanging to the roof of the kitchen.

The wife rushed to the kitchen where she found her husband lifeless. 

After checking her phone, she found a suicide message which was sent to her by her husband before taking his own life. According to the suicide note, the British 1 was complaining about his wife's tendency of going out frequently leaving him at home alone and he felt neglected.

"Darling, my true love being out drinking and coming late appears to be more important to you than any promise you made to me, it seems that you respect a bottle of beer more than you respect me. l cannot trust anything that you promised me anymore, we won't be able to discuss this as that's when sunami jane appears. I can't just leave this way," reads part of the suicide note.

Daudi: he hanged himself because of his wife's behaviour of drinking beer

The matter was reported at Koche Police Unit who rushed to the scene and took the dead body to Koche Health Centre where suffocation has been indicated as the cause of death.

Meanwhile, arrangements are being made to convey the dead body to Lilongwe area 18 cemetery where burial will take place.

Police are therefore appealing to the public to refrain from taking their own lives whenever they face challenges in life. They should rather seek help or talk to someone about it.

David Henry Graves hailed from United Kingdom.