CCAP Synod of Livingstonia calls for enhanced safety and security during Easter festivities

General Secretary for Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP), Synod of Livingstonia, Rev. William Tembo has urged Malawians to celebrate Easter Holiday whilst ensuring their safety and security at all times.

Speaking Thursday in an interview, Tembo said experience has shown that there is always an increase of road accidents and several forms of crime during the festivities in which Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Chris.

He then advised people to refrain from any acts which may compromise their safety and security throughout the holiday.  

“Motorists should avoid over speeding and driving while drunk to save lives of our passengers some of whom are our relatives. This time not for enjoyment but it is the time for salvation to everybody.

Drivers and all people who are travelling should ensure that they observe traffic rules to prevent road accidents," Tembo said.

He said during such a holiday, most people tend to travel to different places such lakeshores and visiting relations among others, hence the need to observation of road traffic rules and regulations.

Tembo: Road users should exercise caution at all times-pic by Gracian Jeke -Mana

Tembo then urged police to enhance security during the period as he registered his appreciation to Malawi Police Services for its officers’ visibility despite being few in numbers comparing to the country’s population.

On her part, Mzuzu Police Deputy Spokesperson, Enala Kalua appealed to drivers and passengers to exercise caution around the Easter Holiday to avoid loss of life to road accidents.

"Drinking beer and driving are some of the factors which contribute to increased road accidents during festive seasons adding said laws will be applied where necessary to make sure that everyone abide to them,” said Kalua.

She said police will tighten security in all roadblocks to make sure that drivers observe road traffic rules and regulations.

Kalua further urged households to make sure that there should be a person at home if they family members go out for the safety and security of their property whilst they are away.

"At least a person should remain at home for security purpose and those travelling people avoid posting on social media platforms that they are traveling, “she said.