Chakwera assures Malawians of food security

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera Tuesday assured Malawians that no one would die of hunger this year as there is enough food for everyone.

Speaking during a development rally at Namadidi in Zomba, the President said though there was a serious indication that crop production has dropped compared to last year, Malawians should not worry about hunger.

Chakwera said apart from the available maize in the country’s grain reserves, the government would intensify irrigation farming so that the country has more and enough food for the year till the next growing season.

“I have heard of the drought and threat of hunger in some pockets of the country, however, let me assure Malawians that no one will die of hunger,” he added.

Chakwera noted that what must be done from now onwards was to transport maize from the silos to all districts so that people should be able to buy without challenges.

Crop inspection
Chakwera: Malawians should not worry about hunger

The President appealed to Malawians particularly farmers to practice crop diversification as part of addressing the widening effects of climate change.

Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe admitted that the Ministry was aware of the drought that have affected some parts of the country and that soon, it would embark on a program of distributing potatoes vines, cassava cuttings as well as providing early mature maize seeds.

He said the Ministry would intensify irrigation farming and provide early maturity maize seeds.

“Machinga Agricultural Development Division (ADD) is one of the affected ADDs and according to our crop estimates; the yield has dropped by 13 percent. However, as a Ministry, we are not sitting idle, we have plans to assist farmers with some seed packages,” Lowe said.

Apart from the provision of seeds, the Minister said the Ministry would intensify irrigation farming so that the country fills the food gap.

Senior Chief Mlumbe said though the country implemented the AIP program, some families’ failures to access and the meant they would be food insecure.

Before a development rally, the President visited some crop fields to witness the impacts of the AIP Programme.