Chakwera reconciles with Moto and Mpundi villages

State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on Friday visited Moto and Mpundi villages in the area of Senior Chief Chowe Mangochi district to reconcile with people of the villages.

History has it that Moto villagers suffered during the one-party rule 50 years ago, precisely in 1971, when sons and daughters of this village were imprisoned for the misunderstanding that ensued with followers of Masauko Chipembere.

Speaking on behalf of Senior Group Village Headman (GVH) Moto, Sheikh Hussein Akimu said people from Moto Village have forgiven the Malawi Malawi Congress Party for the arrest without trial and other forms of torture suffered during Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s rule.

Chakwera speaking during the visit

“Mr President from today onwards people from Moto Village have forgiven Malawi Congress party for everything. We were arrested and imprisoned for two years at Dzaleka and Maula prison, we were being fed pork which is haram to us Muslims, our women were sexually harassed while in prison and 13 of our sons and daughters were killed. But for your coming, we are very grateful and we have forgiven MCP,” said Sheikh Hussein.

In his apology, Dr Chakwera said the time has come to heal the wounds of those people that suffered on political grounds. He said his government will heal the wounds of people from Moto Village by providing them with several development projects.

“My administration will heal the wounds by constructing a good road network, a hospital and we will construct a community day secondary school at Lungwena that will be named after John Kawajika,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera (C) after the reconciliation

Chakwera said it’s time to heal the wounds that people suffered during the one-party rule.

The President said his coming to Moto and Mpundi villages is to stop failed politicians who use the Moto Village incident to advance their political agenda.

“People have used the history that occurred at Moto Village to gain political mileage but we have come to rewrite history in its true perspective,” charged Chakwera.

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