Chambo ward councilor commends launch of Chitsime CBO

Zomba City Chambo Ward Councilor Edah Nkula has expressed her gratitude towards resurgence of a Community Based Organization (CBO) in her ward called Chitsime saying it will help in advancing charity works in her area. In an interview with Nthanda Times after re-launch of Chitsime CBO at Namalaka ground in Zomba, Nkula encouraged Chitsime CBO to always only reach to deserved community members. Among other target groups, Nkula said the CBO should target elderly, orphans, less privileged with their charity works. “It is like a ritual that well to do people in the country are always beneficiaries in charity works meant for the poor and less privileged. I have encouraged the CBO to reach out to orphans, elderly, students who are unable to pay their school fees because they have no support. They should look out to the less privileged only. Those individuals or families who are rich or have something to share should extended their help to communities,” said Nkula. Nkula also asked Chitsime CBO and different stakeholders in her area to help in addressing issues of gender-based violence in Chambo Ward. Among others, Nkula said they have started an initiative to help sending back to girls who were impregnated while schooling. Nkula (in white golf-shirt) hands items to beneficiries “With the CBO and religious leaders, we are going to make sure that all girls who got pregnant before attaining the age of 18 should go back to school. Of course it will not be an easy task but let me assure you that presence of the CBO members will help to convince the teen girls on the need to return to school after delivery. In this way, we will promote education standards in our area,” explained Nkula. Speaking during the launch event of the CBO, one of its members promised to work hand in hand with councilor of Chambo ward to ensure that their charity works bring a positive change in their society. Chitsime CBO was introduced in 2020 but Covid-19 pandemic forced them to launch it on Saturday, 3 April 2021. The CBO targets people living with albinism, orphans, and elderly and donated assorted items during the launch. Sharing is Caring!