Chiefs call for skills development for youths

Salima, November 9, Mana. Senior Chief Kachindamoto of Dedza has called upon government and partners to empower out of school youth by creating skills development initiatives for them.

The Senior Chief made the remarks on Monday in Dedza during the handover ceremony of Nkosini Community Skills Development Centre (CSDC) which was refurbished by the Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA).

Kachindamoto said a lot of young people stay idle after completion of secondary education, a development, she said demoralizes them and lead them into risky behaviours hence the need to empower them.

She said empowering the youth with different skills would enable them to become employable or employ themselves.

“For example here in Mtakataka, this is the only skills development centre to cater for all young people from this side. We need more of these since we also have a good number of them who have nothing to do.

We want them to get empowered hence our plea to government and partners to consider establishing more of such centres,” she said.

Kachindamoto then thanked TEVETA for refurbishing the skills development centre which was constructed by Word Vision in 2008 but had its roof blown off by strong winds in 2016.

Acting Executive Director of TEVETA Modesto Gomani said it is the wish of the Authority to ensure that young people access vocational skills training in all parts of the country.

“We saw the need because, in this part of Dedza, our outreach is not as significant as other parts. So, we felt that we need to create a centre that we can reach out to people especially young people to access TEVET programs,” said Gomani.

He added, “TEVETA also wanted to help the community of Mtakataka by refurbishing the centre to bring it back to life since it stayed idle for some years and we thought we could also use the same opportunity to create a room for TEVET activities to be happening here.”

Centre Committee Chairperson Leonard Matiki the centre has managed to train over 200 young people in different vocations of tailoring and designing, electrical installation and carpentry.

He said the centre targets women, the youth and those that are disadvantaged so that they become empowered after undergoing different vocations at the centre.


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