Chifuniro embraces ‘Maloto Anga Initiative’ to promote education

Lilongwe-based gospel musician Chifuniro Banda has embraced a program dubbed ‘Maloto Anga Initiative’ which seeks to promote education in the country by among other things inspiring students in primary and secondary schools, in a bid for them to excel in their studies.

Through the initiative, recently during end of term school closure the artist visited his former school, Msaza Primary School in Salima district where he celebrated one year of inspiring students at the school. 

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Chifuniro expressed his excitement for inspiring students at Msaza Primary School through Maloto Anga Initiative.

“With what began as a dream a year ago, I thank God to see the reality of a rural school with students who now work hard not only to receive the awards we give out each term, but also to have a relatable role model committed to sponsoring their education until they become responsible citizens,” Chifuniro stated.

Chifuniro (left) during his recent visit at Msaza Primary School.

Since September 2021, the artist has been donating several learning materials such as notebooks and pens to five best performing pupils in all classes at Msaza Primary School and he also once donated school uniforms to three top students from each class at the school.

With Maloto Anga Initiative, Chifuniro also once assisted in the ongoing renovations of the staff room at his former primary school and also stocked the school’s library with textbooks with the help of Bambino Schools.

Since the inception of the initiative, the musician has also assisted the community in Salima in constructing a makeshift bridge across the Kaninga River, which cuts off some of the Msaza Primary School learners from attending classes at their school during the rainy season.

The artist has also been paying tuition for the top three Msaza Primary School students who made it to secondary school

According to him, he plans to add another cohort of Msaza Primary School best students who will be selected this year to pursue secondary education and he said the student will be assisted until they complete their education.

Chifuniro (in a pair of glasses) during his recent visit at Msaza Primary School.

The artist also pledged to continue mobilizing resources for Msaza Primary School from well-wishers and also partnering with an urban elite school for scholarships and other developments, before his initiative is expanded to other rural schools beyond Salima.

He therefore, urged well wishers in the country to partner with him in raising educational standards, particularly in the country’s rural areas.

In his comment, Msaza Primary School Head-teacher, Ronnex Mtalimanja, thanked Chifuniro for inspiring and supporting students at his school through Maloto Anga Initiative.

“We are confident that the students who benefit from the Initiative will return to this school and emulate what Chifuniro is doing,” he said.

He also said that, with the help of Chifuniro’s initiative they are expecting to send more students to secondary school this year.

Chifuniro introduced Maloto Anga Initiative in September last year after releasing his debuted album titled Maloto Anga.