Chilima faults poor project financing

Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima has faulted poor project financing that is derailing implementation of key development projects in some areas.

Dr Chilima made the remarks when he held review meetings with council officials as part of his tour in selected districts to assess progress on projects under the government's reform agenda.

Chilima: the poor financing is derailing implementation of some key projects

The Vice President, visited Kasungu District, where he checked progress being made on some of the key projects that are part of the district's reform initiatives.

"I am delighted to see a new market that will sustain the council financially and there is hope this will also help create the much-needed jobs," said Dr Chilima.

Among others, Kasungu District Council has embarked on several interventions under public reforms, including improvement of the education sector and opening up of investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises