Chizuma confirmed new ACB Czar, HRDC calls off Tuesday demos

In a twist and turn of events, Parliamentary Public Appointments Committee (PAC) has on Monday afternoon confirmed Martha Chizuma as the new Director General of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). Chizuma’s confirmation comes barely six days after PAC rejected her appointment. Member of Parliament for Dowa North East Sam Kawale moved a motion for rescission of the earlier decision that saw some members of the committee scoring Chizuma lowly.
Kawale : moved a motion for rescission of Chizuma's rejection
When PAC met on Monday, four members of the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) walked out of the house questioning the process in the manner that business was being handled. While acknowledging their support for the motion to rescind the PAC’s earlier decision to reject Chizuma, the DPP parliamentarians insisted that they wanted the committee to first present its report to the whole house stressing that it was not be proper for the committee to adopt the motion before they present a report to the whole house. The four DPP members that walkout did not prevent the remaining members, including Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo, from proceeding to deliberate and eventually confirming Chizuma’s appointment.
Chizuma : New ACB Czar
Out of 13 members that stayed behind, 12 voted in favour of Chizuma’s appointment while one abstained. PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo said she was happy that Chizuma has been confirmed as new ACB Director General. "I am personally happy, and I have been saying this that I for one would love to see Chizuma confirmed,” said Chitsulo.
Chitsulo : I am happy
Meanwhile, Human Right Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has called off Tuesday’s pro-Martha Chizuma demonstrations. This has been confirmed by the coalition's Chairperson Gift Trapence. HRDC was tomorrow expected to hold peaceful demonstration in protest of the decision by the Parliamentary Public Appointments Committee to reject the appointment of Chizuma as the new Anti-Corruption Bureau Director. Martha Chizuma holds a Master of Law degree in Inter1 Economic Law from the University of East London and Bachelor of Laws with Honors (LLB) from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. She has practised law for 18 years having previously worked with Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company as Legal Counsel, Deputy Chairperson of Industrial Relations Court (IRC), Assistant Registrar of the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal and Senior Resident Magistrate.