CIO donates facemasks to Luwinga township

Mzuzu based Citizen Impact Organization (CIO) is living no stone unturned in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic as it has distributed facemasks to Kang’ona residents in Luwinga township on Saturday.

The initiative is under the organization’s Covid-19 youth response program after observing that some residents in the city risk contracting and spreading the virus because they cannot afford to buy facemasks.

CIO Director Chimenechi Banda said the initiative targets many areas in Northern Region so that all residents should be safe from contracting and spreading Covid-19.

“Our target is to reach out and distribute facemasks to all areas in the city of Mzuzu and the whole northern region at large. Everyone should have a facemask and be safe from Covid-19 which has hit hard the country. People should expect a lot from us during this pandemic where things are tough to be done, we promise to offer them best services in this hard time,” Banda promised.

Some of the beneficiaries from Luwinga pose for a photo

Speaking after receiving the facemasks, neighborhood chairperson for Kang’ona area, Lucy Nthala acknowledged CIO for the initiative saying the facemasks will help many people who were at high risk of contracting the virus.

“With these masks, we will now be able to move everywhere as you know that being caught moving without wearing a facemask is a crime following regulations government put in place. We thank CIO for the wonderful initiative and we beg for the continuation,” thanked Nthala.

So far, CIO has distributed 400 facemasks to Kang’ona area in Luwinga, 500 to Patemanga area in Ngolongo and 500 to Thandaza Primary School in Mzuzu respectively. The organization received 4000 masks from Mask-up Malawi, an initiative established to distribute facemasks to organizations for them to distribute to people in the communities.

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