Climate Change threatens human rights - Mtambo

Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo has expressed his fear on adverse effects of climate change saying are threatening human rights.

Speaking during the official opening of the two day  2022 African Coalition for the Corporate Accountability (ACCA) general assembly in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Mtambo said climate change is an exsential threat, which is threatening humanity in all kinds of life.

According to Mtambo, there is a direct link between climate change and conflict, saying that climate change undermines human security and drives local conflicts and other types of violence by interacting with other intervening variables such as social, political, and economical marginalization.

"We are complaining about blackouts, and these are the examples of climate change effects, and the most important aspect of this conference is bringing human rights issues. You would also agree with me that corporates, investors that are coming into the country should be scrutinized if they are bringing investments that indanger human lives, such as the Kayerekera Project," he said.

Mtambo: there is a direct link between climate change and human rights violation

He further asked Civil Society Organisations  (CSOs) in the country to be pushing for the implementation of policies in the climate change sector.

"Basically, I strongly believe we  have adequate  laws and policies, but implementation, enforcement and accountability has been a challenge, that's why the president is emphasising on mindset change, and we need to move collectively for implementation," explained Mtambo.

However, Lloyd Kuveya, Assistant Director for the Center for Human Rights, an organization based in Pretoria, South Africa, said countries and government should adopt laws that are very strong in regulating and holding accountability companies.

"Government must setup strong institutions that will be able to regulate companies that are coming in the country, as well as CSOs,  in order to restrict them from violating human rights, while they come and go," he said.

ACCA has been working with stakeholders and members on issues of access to remedy for the several years to create resources on access to remedy that can be readily used by community members and civil societies affected by corporate activity.