Cocacola signs deal to buy lemons from local farmers

Cocacola Company has signed a deal with Community Development Initiative (CDI) to buy lemons from local farmers in Kasungu for 25 years.

Speaking while updating chiefs from T/A Mnyanja on Friday at Chatoloma, Chairperson for CDI, Dr Joyce Banda said the initiative will elevate finances of 2,800 families in the district.

“The project seeks to empower our famers to grow macadamia nuts and lemons as cash crops which will be sold to a readily available market at Coca-Cola Company for 25 years.

"For the lemons to be of a higher quality we will give these farmers hybrid seedlings which will start producing the harvests after three years, a thing which will help the farmers to grow financially and as well bring forex into this country for the next 25 years,” Banda said.

Banda: the initiative will elevate finances of about 2,800 families 

Banda added that the community will make a decision on whether to grow the macadamia and the citric fruits in groups or individually.

While awaiting the two cash crops to mature, CDI will construct a dam which will help farmers to grow other small cash crops twice a year like soy beans and other beans.

Commenting on the development, Traditional Authority Mnyanja said he was hopeful the project will uplift people's livelihoods in his area.

“We have welcomed the project here as we know that our lives will change. Her excellence has told clearly said that the project will construct a smart village of 2, 800 households and a K50, 000 monthly stipend given to all the beneficiaries, which is a good development,” Mnyanja said.

13,000 hectares of land at Mpasadzi have been identified for cultivation of the crops.

A hospital, Police Unit and a Secondary School will also be constructed at the site.