Commissioner CWR visits proposed site for Biwi Police unit

Commissioner CWR visits proposed site for Biwi Police unit

The Commissioner of Police responsible for Central West Region (CWR) Mr. Peter Chasweka PPM, has made an impromptu visit to a proposed site for the construction of a Listening Police unit at Biwi business hub which falls under Kawale policing area.

Area 24 and 36 Police units have also received the Commissioner's blessings as he took time to visit the two sister formations.

The visit aimed at appreciating the site and giving his approval as the Central region's top boss.

The CWR Commissioner in his brief statement has clearly shown his gratitude towards the pioneers of the project and shared his approval.

"Our game plan is to bring the police closer to the community and the construction of a Listening Police unit here at Biwi will help to make this happen," said Commissioner Chasweka.

Chasweka further instructed the team leaders who are spearheading the project to have a common understanding that once the unit opens up, it will be for everyone within Biwi and surrounding areas.

The Commissioner took the opportunity to condemn acts of mob justice, and attacks toward Police units and encouraged amicable ways of resolving grievances in the event where a misunderstanding arises between Police and community members.

Kawale Police Station
Commissioner Chasweka speaking

"This project has come at the right time when police are revitalizing relationship with the community in curbing crime" concluded Chasweka PPM.

The Central West Region Community Policing coordinator, Superintendent Alexander Ngwala concurred with the Commissioner's sentiments and further urged the pioneers of the project to work in harmony with the law enforcers once the unit begins its operations other than exposing them.

The Officer in Charge for Kawale Police Station (OC), Mr. Aubrey Kawale Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) welcomed the CWR chief at the site.

The Biwi business community moved in to support the vision of Kawale Police with plans to have a Listening Police unit within the area.

Earlier on April 20, 2022, Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Mr. Aubrey Kawale had a tour of the proposed site and met the leaders who are spearheading the project.

Malani Gondwe, the chairman of Biwi business community revealed that the plans are now at an advanced stage.

He said that the funds have been mobilized and soon the project will commence.

"We are doing all this because we are enjoying the good relationship with Kawale Police and with this visit, we are energized " Malani concluded.