Communities encouraged to embrace good eating habits

Communities in the area of Senior Chief Mpherembe in Mzimba District have been encouraged to embrace the habit of eating six food groups to have strong immune system against COVID-19.

Speaking Sunday at Mpherembe Agriculture Office during a cooking, food preparation and food display demonstration which was organized by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM), Senior Chief Mpherembe said the best way to defeat COVID-19 was to get vaccinated and maintaining a healthy body by eating a healthy diet.

“A person in poor health cannot contribute positively to the development of the country hence, the need for consolidated efforts in ensuring that communities strive to live healthy.

May I encourage everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and encourage the youths to do the same, thereafter eat balance diet prepared with the six food groups so that your immune system is always strong,” Mpherembe  said, who testified that he was once bed ridden due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Community members appreciate the display

He thanked stakeholders for facilitating various health related programs including awareness campaigns on Covid-19 which are taking place in his area.

“Some of these initiatives have helped us to value our local food products and how we can use them,” the Chief said.

Speaking on behalf of CRECCOM, Chikumbutso Chikuni appreciated the senior chief and other traditional leaders in the area for playing a leading role in encouraging people to get COVID-19 vaccine as well as practicing healthy eating habits.

The demonstration was conducted under the theme, ‘Covid-19 Vaccination and good nutrition is perquisite for good health of pregnant, lactating women and children’.