Communities hail fuel-efficient cookstoves

 Communities of Senior Chief Khombedza's and Traditional Authority Mwanza in Salima district have hailed a fuel-efficient cook stoves project describing it as a safer and a more sustainable alternative to the three-stone fire.

The remarks were made on Friday when Ripple Africa had a supervision tour in two Traditional Authorities with District Executive Committee members for Salima district.

One of the beneficiary of the cook stove dubbed "Changu Changu Moto", Margret Meliyasi, from Senior Chief Khombedza, a mother of six, said before she started using the cookstove she was using up three bundles of firewood in a week.

She said searching for firewood took up most of her time and she was less productive, but after the introduction of the fuel efficient cookstove she has time to do other things that can develop her family.

"When I was using the three-stone stove I was using more firewood in one cooking session, and the food was taking long to get ready because ventilation to the fire was minimal," she said.

Another beneficiary from the same area, Enita Jofati reiterated the efficiency of the cook stoves by adding that the cook stove retaining heat even after the firewood is off the heat from the stove continues to cook the food.

Jofati said she can now cook beans within an hour, and she uses less firewood in the process, this she has described as time saving and efficient type of cooking.

Zione Bauleni from Traditional Authority Mwanza also commended the cook stove because it produces less smoke due to the vents always facing the door therefore the smoke is easily blown out.

one of the cookstoves by Ripple Africa

"I used to struggle with sorr eyes and cough before I started using this stove, because smoke used to fill my kitchen without a proper way of going out, but now this stove is constructed in a that it produces less smoke and it is blown out through the kitchen door," she said.

Gilbert Samuel from Menyako village in the area of T/A Khombedza said he was quick to allow £his wife to start using the cook stove because he is aware of the hazards of deforestation which is rampant in his area because people cut down more indegenous trees

District Environment Officer for Salima district, Jason Adam, said they are trying to balance the demand for firewood and the supply, therefore initiatives such as the efficient cook stove are welcomed, because the lessen the wanton cutting down of trees.

He said they encourage non-governmental organizations to go through their office, so that they clearly scrutinize the scope of the project, and the areas in which they are going to be implementing the project.

Project Manager for Ripple Africa, Force Ngwira said so far 3000 cook stoves have been constructed, they have reached out to 23,000 households and thus represents 80 percent of their targeted households. 80% of the target.