Community appeals to authorities to build a health center structure at Mpata

Some people in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu in Karonga District have asked authorities to consider rebuilding one of the structures which were demolished by an earthquake in 2009 at Mpata Health Centre.

Speaking Tuesday in an interview, Group Village Head (GVH) Kalambo expressed concern over the delay in building structure which commenced in 2012 and has since been stalled.

“Government in 2012 released about K119 million for the project and it is surprising that the project is still at foundation level,” said Kalambo.

Kalambo said the contractor who was awarded the project abandoned the site in November 2012.

a ward at the health center. pic by Mana

“There is always congestion more especially in the maternity ward due to lack of structure," he said.

He said some expectant women are forced to seek maternal services at Karonga District Hospital and Kasoba Health Centre, the facilities which he said are far from the area.

Kalambo added that if the situation goes unattended, some women may resort to seeking traditional birth attendants.

One of the community members in the area, Daborn Mwapasi said there is a need for auditing for the people to know how the money which was meant for the project was used.

Ward Councilor for Chilanga Ward, Steve Simsokwe assured the people that the project will resume soon, saying the issue has already been presented to the Ministry of Health.