Community leaders in Machinga geared to eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls

Community leaders at Pulika Cluster, Traditional Authority Mlomba in Machinga District have been empowered by Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) to join hands in ending Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). CRECCOM has done this through Spotlight Male Engagement project, a Spotlight Initiative which is a global European Union — United Nations (EU-UN) partnership aimed at eliminating violence against women and girls, and other harmful practices. In an interview, CRECCOM’s Spotlight Male Engagement Project Officer Dan Tewesa, said they are working with Community leaders using barbershop toolkits training. “The project will involve training sessions with men and boys to be in groups and discuss on different ways of eliminating violence against women and girls since males are usually victims of violence issues,” said Tewesa Tewesa said chiefs, religious leaders, motorcycle operators, initiation leaders, youth and other community leaders will be trained in barbershop toolkits. Community leaders listening attentively In an interview, Group Village Head (GVH) Pulika said cases of violence against women and girls are very rampant at Pulika Cluster. Pulika said that the project has come at the right time as it will help to eliminate violence against women and girls in the areas “Most girls are given many household chores than boys that makes them not to focus much on their education. This also makes most of the girls go to school very late and while tired leading to poor results,” said Pulika. Agreeing with GVH Pulika, GVH Sinja said that cases of violence in schools are also high in schools. “Most female students are usually harassed by their fellow male students and even teachers and this makes them not to focus much on their education,” said Sinja. Pulika Cluster is made up of a number of GVH namely Pulika, Sonja, Ntholowa, Ngosolo and Petekula with about 18 villages. Sharing is Caring!

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