Court dismisses judicial review on COVID-19 mandatory vaccine

High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda has dismissed an application for judicial review of the government's plan to introduce mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for some sectors.

One of the civil rights organisations,
Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI), sued Attorney General, Ministry of Health and Speaker of the 1 Assembly on an announcement by the government to introduce mandatory vaccination for people in public service and other stakeholders including journalists.

CDEDI in its application was joined by journalist Mundango Nyirenda in its application.

Namiwa, applied for judicial review

The two also queried the decision to bar unvaccinated people to access public institutions.

Judge Nyirenda dismissed the application on the following grounds; that the applicants sued wrong parties, do not have sufficient interest and that there was a suppression of material facts.

Oscar Taulo, CDEDI lawyer said there is room for appeal and his clients will advise him on the step to take.

Attorney General, Thabo Nyirenda said, "Malawi has no mandatory vaccination but what was announced was just an intention."

Still with the courts, social media activist, Joshua Chisa Mbele, has pleaded not guilty to two counts; publication of offensive material and criminal libel.

Joshua Chisa Mbele
Mbele: pleaded not guilty

Mbele was arrested on Tuesday by police based on his Facebook post alleging that some government officials received money from Zunneth Sattar who is under corrupt offences investigation by Malawian and UK authorities.

Mbele will spend another night in the cooler as the Lilongwe Magistrate Court has reserved its ruling on the case to Friday morning.