Court fines fake nurse MK90, 000

Mkukula First Grade Magistrates Court has fined Caroline Botha, 22, to pay a fine of K90 thousand for stealing from some members of staff at Area 25 Health Centre in Lilongwe.

The court also sentenced the convict to three years Imprisonment with Hard Labour which was later suspended to 18 months for personating a public officer.

Kanengo Police publicist, Esther Mkwanda, said the convict, Botha, on Monday, September 20, 2021, was found guilty of obtaining money by false pretence and personating to be a public officer (nurse).

The court heard through State Prosecutor, Inspector Jolly Kamazilu, that Botha committed the crime on September 7 this year at Area 25 Health Centre.

Police said Botha was seen hanging around the facility in nursing attire and borrowed money from some staff by false pretence.

Kanengo Police publicist said Botha was caught after some days when some members of staff at the facility realised she was not one of them.

Botha dressed as a nurse and demanded money from people at Area 25 Health Centre

Botha pleaded guilty as charged, and she asked the court to forgive her.

However, prosecutor Inspector Kamazilu prayed for a tougher sentence saying what the convict did was uncalled-for.

In his determination, First Grade Magistrate Thom Midiasi said Botha actions could put the lives of patients at risk fortunately she did not render any service at the facility.

The Magistrate went ahead and sentenced Botha to pay a fine of K90,000 of which part of the amount will be compensation to the victims whose money was stolen and three years imprisonment for the second count but later suspended to 18 months on condition that she doesn’t commit any offence again.

Botha is from Mudyanaye Village, Traditional Authority Chiseka in Lilongwe District.

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