CRECCOM empowers Kalenge mother group to fund own activities

Kalenge Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) located almost 35 kilometers away from Chitipa boma and along the Misuku hills is one of the schools in the remote areas of Chitipa.

Being in a remote area, educating girls is not a priority to many parents. Most parents prefer educating a boy and girls are mostly groomed to become better wives. Marrying a girl is always considered again since girls are married off in exchange for cattle.

The school used to register a high dropout rate among girls before Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) through the Improving Education Quality in CDSS (IEQ-CDSS) arrived at the school in 2018.

IEQ-CDSS brought in several interventions to ensure the retention and completion of learners. Among others, the mother groups committee was established to promote girls’ education through the provision of comprehensive mentorship programs. CRECCOM trained and empowered the community-selected mother group.

Among other roles, mother group members were mandated to support vulnerable learners so that they remain in school and complete their education. Using the skills acquired from CRECCOM through training, Kalenge mother group decided to mobilize resources using several means among others they started selling doughnuts and making profits through the village savings and loans concept. The savings and profits from the business were being used to conduct several activities without asking for external support.

Mercy Kayange
Kalenge mother group chairperson Mercy Kayange attending trainings

 “CRECCOM has taught us to be independent. Before the training by CRECCOM, we used to believe that support for vulnerable learners has to come from donors, well-wishers, and other supporting organizations.

Through our interaction with CRECCOM we have learned that we can mobilize resources and support the vulnerable. We are now able to pay school fees for learners such as Bertha Sibale from 2, an orphan who was on the verge of dropping out due to lack of school fees, we have awarded over 10 best performing students with scholastic materials and have conducted girls retreat worth K33,000.00,” narrated Ester Mulungu the chairperson.

 The group dreams of mobilizing more funds and aspires to provide bursaries to more than 10 students shortly.

Sample receipts for the school fees paid by mother group

“We are assured that after harvesting our groundnuts and selling, we will be able to support more learners with bursaries and be able to conduct retreats without any support. Our secret to success is unity and hard work.” Narrated Juliana Masebo secretary for the group.

Kalenge Mother Group, Creccom in Northern Region, Chitipa