Crime decline in Central Eastern Region

Kasungu, July 15, Mana: Central East Police Region has registered a decrease in crime rate with a 22.9 percent decline from January to June 2021 compared to the same period last year.

Speaking on Wednesday during a Regional Management Meeting in Kasungu, Commissioner for Central East Police Region Arlene Baluwa, said the figures signify good work that the police are doing in the region.

The region has Kasungu, Salima, Nkhotakota, Dowa and Ntchisi.

“We have intensified foot patrols especially during the night because a lot of criminal activities occur at night. With this, we have been able to reduce crimes in different parts of Central East Region," said Baluwa.

During the first six months in 2020, the region had registered 1, 674 criminal cases while in 2021 it has recorded 1, 362 cases representing a 22.9 percent decrease.

Baluwa speaking during the meeting

However, according to the Regional Community Policing Coordinator Superintendent George Pindani, the region has performed poorly in other cases like sexual offenses, assaults, motor vehicle theft, and traffic management.

“In 2020, only 182 defilement cases were recorded as compared to 222 which have been registered this year. Assaults were only 381 cases in 2020 but in 2021 we have 411. 10 motor vehicle theft were recorded in 2020 compared to 26 cases this year,” said Pindani.

In 2020, Central East Police Region Headquarters recorded 224 road accidents while in 2021 there have been 297 accidents registered representing a 32.5 percent increase with Kasungu having a sharp rise in road accidents compared to the other four districts. 

Commenting on the development, Kasungu Police Officer in Charge Deputy Commissioner Violet Magwaya said the increase in number of road accidents in Kasungu is mainly caused due to poor road infrastructure, over-speeding and that there are too many kabaza operators in the district.