Daniel Mkuzi takes a mile in triumphing messages on issues of depression

As suicide cases are on the rise in the country, one of the country’s up-and-coming artist Daniel Mkuzi has moved in to encourage people going through depression to demist from suicide thoughts and take a sound decision.

Mkuzi has paraded his stand on the depression issues in his newly released song titled Usadzikhweze.

Mkuzi who has recently featured a renowned gospel artist Evance Meleka on a gospel title track called Asamala told Nthanda Times in an interview that the ‘Usadzikhweze’ song was inspired by the startling cases of people who kill themselves.

“I composed this song to address the issues of suicide cases among the youths in Malawi. The song advises and reminds my fellow Malawians that when we are meeting challenges, the best resolution is to seek for guidance from people whom we trust than opting for suicide,” Mkuzi said.

In the song, Mkuzi also outlines some glitches people are fronting on different lengths of life like pandemics, poverty, unemployment and debts just some, which he says should not derive to cease someone’s life.

Mkuzi: suicide is not a solution

Mkuzi cries out to the clan on this pitiless termination of life and reminds it that life is treasurable and those people who tend to kill themselves would have a positive impression to the nation.

Mkuzi who has produced this track at Real Sounds Studio, has put his message clear in a reggae versioned track that depression is not suctioned by suicide.

In his lyrics he articulates that there are more people who can guide and counsel on ways of resolving hitches.

The chorus goes like; ‘Usadziphe! Usadzikhweze! Usadziphwe, othandiza alipo tangofuna thandizo’ [Don’t kill yourself! Do not exalt yourself! Don't kill yourself, there are people who can help you].

Daniel Mkuzi Usadzikhweze

Stream and Download Usadzikhweze, a counseling song that encourages people going through stresses and depression to seek a sound decision.

Artist: Daniel Mkuzi

Track: Usadzikhweze

Duration: 03:21

Album: Single

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On responding to who would relief these dejected souls, Mkuzi points out the psychosocial counselors and pastors as optimal.

“We have psychosocial counselors, pastors and so on who can help us in solving our problems,” said Mkuzi.

In the lyrics, Mkuzi also hails the boundless job the psychosocial counselors and pastors are undertaking in a pursuit to end suicidal deaths. He apprehends the efforts they are executing to persuade depressed souls to get back to their senses. He continues to urge them to carry on their job so that people should learn that terminating their own life is not sound.

“I know these psychosocial counselors are doing great in the stride to train individuals on depression so too, are the pastors. I still urge them to go beyond what they have already done. They need to reach more and work with the masses so as to reach more people henceforth ending this vice,” Mkuzi urged.

Mkuzi finishes by appreciating other artists who are putting messages concerning the daily living styles in their pieces of work as necessitating. He explains that art should go beyond entertaining thus giving moral lessons to people for a better world.

The message has come at the right time whereas the cases of suicide are spiking alarmingly. This tool has been thought wise to be used as to reduce the cases since music goes viral at a speed and can be kept permanently unlike other modes of information which can be viewed or heard once at a time.