DCT, MoH engage Chikwawa journalists on Covid-19

The Development Communications Trust (DCT) in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MoH) under Chikwawa District Health Office (DHO) on Wednesday brought together journalists from different media houses in Chikwawa to a roundtable discussion on how best the media in the district can disseminate information surrounding Covid-19 preventive measures and the vaccine uptake.

DCT is implementing a two months project dubbed "Covid-19 Prevention and Covid-19 Vaccine Demand Creation" under the FHi360.

Speaking in an interview, Project Officer, for DCT, Tamara Nyirongo said together with the Ministry of Health, Chikwawa DHO they thought of engaging different media houses that are going to work with them so as to disseminate right messages on Covid-19 prevention and also Covid-19 vaccine demand creation.

Part of the round table discussion

Nyirongo said: "Media is very significant as we all are aware they use different mode of disseminating messages and they have the capacity, the ability to reach out to as many people as possible using different channels of communication."

Taking his part, Settie Piriminta, Health Promotion Officer under Chikwawa DHO said he hoped for a fruitful collaboration with the media in the district in as far as Covid-19 issues were concerned.

"We hope to collaborate in two folds; firstly, prevention of the virus among communities in Chikwawa and the Mobilisation to access Covid-19 vaccine.

"As evidenced by the data, we have exhausted all the vaccines. Despite that in the first place, we had a few challenges as the uptake was so low but finally we have seen the improvement on the same," said Piriminta

He further added that still, some other individuals have not yet gotten 2nd jab while others didn't get any of the two.

"Of course, we have run out of the vaccine but that should not put us in awkward situation because government is procuring another consignment so that those that only got the 1st jab can get the 2nd jab," stated the HPO

Radio Maria journalist, Francis Mwale hailed the two sides for the fruitful engagement saying as journalists they were geared to assist DCT and the Ministry of Health through the district's health office in the dissemination of Covid-19 preventive measures and the vaccine uptake.

"It is my plea to everyone in the district that lets respond positively and get the jab once our facilities are restocked," he said

About 7,825 people have been vaccinated in Chikwawa.