Doyen motivates dreamchasers in new single

Modern artists such as musicians play a very important role as custodians of culture, teacher, advisors, social critics as well as motivators. As such, few days after posting on his Facebook page that he is not a Gospel musician despite producing a number of gospel songs, Doyen, whose real name is Thomas Tchuwa has released his first new single this year titled “Kuwala” meaning light, which he is motivating people who are working hard in their lives to achieve their goals. In the song, the Afro RNB artist, uses a persuasive tone to empower people who almost gave up on their future after failing to achieve their goals for a number of times that they should keep on working hard and one day they will achieve their goals and see the bright side of their hardworking spirit. The artist uses a saying “sikadza kokha, kaopa kulaula” to empower people who are about to give up on their dreams that it takes a lot of effort to achieve success, and, sometimes, a number of failures to succeed in life. Doyen : has released Kuwala single Part of the song goes; Limbika mwanawe, your future is bright, osafooka mwanawe, udzaona Kuwala” to encourage dreamchasers to continue working hard on their goals in life. You can download the song here Some of the songs by Doyen includes Joana, Tiye, Chimwemwe, Blessings and Glory. The artist started recording music in 2011 and has so far recorded songs with some popular artists like Gwamba, Mwanache, Macelba, Martse, Kell Kay, Janta and BFB. His inspiration in music came from Ethel Kamwendo Banda, GD and Lulu to start singing songs. Sharing is Caring!