DPP takes a swipe at Chizuma, Govt

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has taken a swipe at Ombudsman Martha Chizuma and Government following the former’s rejection as new Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General. DPP has accused Chizuma and Government that they are on a mission to get rid of all Southerners from Civil Service. The development comes following various investigations Office of the Ombudsman has been carrying out on employment and abuse of office during DPP regime. According to series of posts on their Official Facebook Page, DPP claims government is using state institutions like Office of the Ombudsman as weapons of witch-hunting. “Martha hates all Southerners to the core. She is ready to destroy the future of poor children from the region. That is a project she is running. According to Martha Chizuma who is running this Chakwera “Nazi” project, being competent means attacking poor intelligent kids from Phalombe district for scoring highly,” reads one post. Quoting the post, DPP Spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira said MCP led government is using Chizuma to practice regionalism. “She hates people from Southern region. MCP has an agenda of dismantling qualified and capable Southerners from key government positions. They are using Chizuma to carry their agenda,” wrote Mpinganjira.
Mpinganjira : MCP has an agenda of dismantling qualified and capable Southerners from key government positions
The main opposition party has meanwhile sided with Parliament’s Public Appointments Committee (PAC) for rejecting Chizuma’s appointment as new ACB Director General citing she does not qualify for the post. DPP says the position of ACB Director General needs an all-time performer. “Martha must show us her work during the DPP regime. She did nothing during DPP yet she claims to be a performer. Office of the Anti-Corruption Bureau does not need circumstance performers, it needs all time performers,” reads another post. On Chizuma’s competence to run a public office, DPP feels the Ombudsman is not competent as some quarters put it on grounds that she did not investigate issues of abuse of office when DPP was in power.
Chizuma : accused of failing to execute her duties professionally
“This Martha Chizuma failed to investigate employment and abuse of office cases when democratic appointed her. She never released a report or advised the then government to consider its employment procedures. Running a Southern region or Political elimination project does not make one a competent leader,” says DPP. DPP further says the said Chizuma’s top performance is questionable as she is failing to investigate appointment of Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor, Malawi Regulatory Authority Commissioner and controlling officers in parastatals who were not interviewed.