Education ministry to renovate dilapidated schools

Government through the Ministry of Education says it will prioritize renovation of old school blocks which are in dire need in the country. Deputy Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa-Wirima told the 1 Assembly Friday afternoon that her ministry is aware of schools that have been dilapilated. Kambauwa was responding to requests from Members of Parliament who want schools in their constituencies renovated. Kambauwa said for a long time the focus has been on construction of new learning blocks while ignoring existing structures.
Kambauwa: The Ministry will start renovations of old school blocks
The deputy minister admitted the failure to maintain the old buildings has been mainly due to resource constraints even though the Ministry gets a lions share in the 1 budget. Wirima said the Ministry will look into the matter with keen interest to address the situation which poses a threat to the life of teachers and learners. "We want to sit down as a Ministry together with other stakeholders to see how the issue of renovating old school blocks can be prioritised. While responding to requests Parliamentarians to construct girls' hostels in community day secondary schools, the requests will be considered,” assured Kambauwa. She said, moving forward the ministry will set standards for facilities to be put in schools before they become operational depending on the needs of the communities.