Emmanuel International donates 2,000 adult literacy books to MH district

Mangochi, September 9, Mana: Emmanuel International (EI) on has donated 2,000 adult literacy books to be distributed to 55 learning centres in Mangochi District as one way of commemorating International Literacy Day.

International Literacy Day falls on September 8 every year.

The donation was made under the Titukulane Project which EI is implementing in the district with funds from USAID with the aim of strengthening resilience in populations vulnerable to acute and chronic hunger and other recurrent shocks.

Presenting the donation to the district’s Community Development Office, EI Country Director, Charles Mukiwa, said the donation will help to encourage more learners register in adult literacy in the district’s learning centers, thereby allowing the learners to contribute to the development of the country.

Deputy Chief of party for Titukulane Program, Dr. John Nyirenda, said his organization’s wish was to see that people in all communities in the country are able to read and write.

However, Nyirenda noted that in most adult learning centers, the turn-up for men is not encouraging as compared to that of women, hence the need for sensitization.

Mndinda (3rd from left) receives the donation Pic. By James Mkanda (Mana)

“We intend to put more effort on community mobilization to sensitize the communities for them to take the initiative seriously,” explained Nyirenda, adding, “When people are able to read and write, they conduct their businesses and make proper documentations of the same.”

Mangochi District Community Development Officer, Dalitso Mndinda, hailed EI for the donation, which he said has been timely given the shortfall of resources the district has in adult literacy.

Mndinda said the district has 439 adult literacy learning centres and over 6,300 learners with women accounting for 86.6 percent, and 13.4 percent accounting for men.

“We have a total of 6,306 adult literacy learners and out of these, 847 are male while 5,459 are female,” said Mndinda.

“Our main challenge is lack of enough learning materials to cater for our learners in all centres,” he added.

The adult literacy learning initiative under Titukulane program is also being carried out in Zomba District.


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