Environmental activist launches TRAVELmate documentary

Youth Environmental Activist Maloto Chimkombero has embarked on a travel environmental documentary called TRAVELmate with an aim to promote tourism destinations and expose environmental malpractices in the country. The documentary which will be hosted by Chimkombero and professional media practitioner Hannah Mwenye is a response to failure of people to take care of tourism areas and malpractices taking place in the environment sector which is worsening environment challenges. In an interview with Nthanda Times, Chimkombero said TRAVELmate documentary which will be released every Saturday will instill a sense of responsibility in communities of taking care of tourism destinations and environment surrounding them.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="648"] Mwase (L) and Chimkombero during the shooting of TRAVELmate first episode at Dedza mountain[/caption]
According to Chimkombero, the documentaries will be exposing environmental malpractices that are happening in the country, environmental problems being faced by communities, and address the challenges. “There are some companies still producing thin plastics in the country, and plenty of factory residues in industrial areas are disposed anyhow. We will be exposing such incidences and make sure that those involved are cornered and an action is taken. We will also be forwarding such cases to relevant authorities for immediate action,” said Chimkombero. The initiative according to Chimkombero aims to ensure a clean environment, and that tourism destinations are taken care of and promoted.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="562"] Chimkombero : the documentary will ensure that environment is well taken care of[/caption]
“Through this initiative, we want to make sure that environment is well protected and restored. We also want to make sure that tourism destinations are being taken care of and are being promoted so that we can improve tourism industry in the country,” said Chimkombero. The youth environmental activist further said he is in discussion with one of local Television Stations for broadcasting rights of the documentary and emphasized that it will also be shared on various social media platforms. Chimkombero who is working on the initiative without a sponsorship said the door is open for companies, organizations and well-wishers to sponsor the project. Chimkombero also challenged fellow youths in the country to have a responsibility of taking care of the surrounding environment. First episode of TRAVELmate on waste management which was shot at Dedza mountain is expected to be released on Saturday, 15th May, 2021. Maloto Chimkombero has been one of the active youths in the country working on environment and climate change.