Ex-Malawi Young Pioneers want K70 billion

Former Malawi Young Pioneers (MYPs) will on Tuesday 8 June 2021 hold peaceful demonstrations in Lilongwe to force government pay them their benefits totaling to K70.6 billion.

MYP Publicity Secretary Gideon Chisi said they are annoyed with Government’s delay to process their benefits as per 2017/2018 1 budget.

According to Chisi, 1 Assembly passed a bill in 2017 to give the ex-MYP their benefits.

“We have a copy of compiled data of bills of quantities for our benefits to the tune of K70.6 billion which was passed during the 2017/18 1 budget. This data was compiled by the Treasury,” said Chisi.

Chisi further said Lilongwe City Council has already granted the group permission to hold the peaceful demonstrations.

“We are set for the demonstrations on Tuesday in Lilongwe. We shall present a petition to Parliament and Lilongwe City Council. We had a meeting with the council and they permitted us to hold the demonstrations,” Chisi said.

About 2,920 ex-MYPs are expected to benefit from the K70.6 billion.