FEDOMA calls for Covid-19 inclusive messages

The Federation of persons with disabilities in Malawi FEDOMA has bemoaned persons living with disabilities in the country are dying in silence due to lack of inclusive information on Covid-19 pandemic.

FEDOMA Executive Director Symon Munde told Nthanda Times that the nature of covid-19 messages makes it difficult for people with disabilities to access them.

According to Munde, the lack of inclusive messages exposes persons with disabilities to the danger of contracting the virus.

“When persons with disabilities are deprived of such kind of information, what it means is that we are exposing persons with disabilities to dangers of contracting the virus, and at the end of the day, persons with disabilities may be actually dying in silence,” said Munde.

Munde: the lack of inclusive information exposes people with disabilities to the virus

Munde however commended nongovernmental organizations for passing out information to people with disabilities and the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 for including sign interpreters in the awareness.

“We know there have been some other efforts that have been taken to produce this kind of information in accessible format that has been done mostly by NGOs.
"Much of the information has reached persons with disabilities. But we still need to do much more than that to ensure persons with disabilities are accessing that kind of information for knowledge is poor,” said Munde.

Munde also disclosed that there has been a low turnout of people to go for the Covid-19 vaccination due to misinformation which has been causing fears in person with different disabilities.

The FEDOMA Executive Director also said the data which Ministry of Health on Covid-19 does not indicate number of persons with disabilities affected by the virus.