Financial constraints contributing to youth under-representation in parliament- NYCOM

1 Youth Council of Malawi NYCOM has singled out lack of financial muscle as a major contributing factor towards youth under-representation in parliament and other political activities.

The development comes as youth presentation in the 1 Assembly is still a concern in the country.

In an interview, NYCOM Chief Executive Officer Dingiswayo Jere told Nthanda Times that it is not surprising because many youths lack financial support to advance their politics career as compared to the old politicians.

“It’s not really surprising to see that our parliament is filled with old men and women. Young politicians always aspire, when you go into 2019 parliamentary and local government elections, you will see that there were many young people who wanted to participate. But when it came up to actual campaign period, the nomination fee acted as a barrier to young people to be actively involved in politics,” lamented Jere.

Jere: Youths lack financial support

Jere said there is a need for young people to push political parties to change their policies and start engaging young people as aspiring candidates. 

On African Day of Young Parliamentarians which falls on 30 June annually which celebrates young politicians, Jere said the day will remain inoperable to the country if there no mechanisms to engage youths in active politics.

“Even if we are celebrating young politicians, but if we are just celebrating it, commemorating it but we don’t have mechanisms and systems that will push young people into politics, we will just keep on singing these commemorations like that.

“Unless we really push up as young people, we push up our political parties to change policies, to have better policies and then also keep on lobbying for donors to make sure that also have some programs that are deliberately pushing and supporting young people,” said Jere. 

Different quarters have expressed their concern on low youths’ representation in Parliament despite the adage that youths are today’s leaders.