Fired MEC Commissioners get court injunction

In a turn and twist of events, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners Linda Kunje and Jean Mathanga have obtained an injunction restraining government from firing them from the commission. Kunje and Mathanga went to court following their firing as MEC Commissioners for being found incompetent by Supreme Court of Appeal. Secretary to Office of President and Cabinet Zanga Zanga Chikhosi last week announced the firing of the two Commissioners. Back as MEC Commissioners : Kunje and Mathanga The order was issued by the registrar of the High Court who has permitted the two commissioners for a judicial review of the decision taken by Secretary to office of President and cabinet Zangazanga Chikhosi. According to the court order which Nthanda times has seen says the complaints have given permission to apply for Judicial review to be heard in an open court hearing. Government says the appointment of the two was disqualified and rendered defective pursuant to Constitution of Malawi Sharing is Caring!