First lady attends World day of prayer

The First Lady Monica Chakwera attended the Women’s world day of prayer ceremony themed “I know the plans I have for you” in Lilongwe at the Silver Stadium.

World day of prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women who lead many in prayer and action for peace and justice. The program for this year’s world day of prayer themed I know the plans I have for you from Jeremiah 29 verse 1-14 was written by England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Speaking during the ceremony the First Lady said the women were united because they have a common faith, which is that they all believe that God has a detailed purpose for their lives.

“We are united today because we believe that God has a good plan for our lives. Prayer has helped us to unite with the world including Wales, England and Northern Ireland whom we are sharing petitions today," she said.

Chakwera: we are united because we have a common faith

In addition to that she said, in light of the difficult situations that women continue to face in recent months Chakwera encouraged them to stay steadfast and remember that God is by their side.

“I know people are going through difficult times, with cases of the Cyclone Ana and the Covid 19 pandemic but be encouraged because the bottom line is that God is on your side, we have prayed together and we believe He answers.”

The 1 Chairperson of World day of Prayer Ester Grant said the Ceremony is a platform that helps communities come together and offer solution.

“These prayers help us women come together and share solutions to the existing problems in society. This helps us reach out to the poor in every district, those in prison and recently we were in Mwanza aiding victims of the Cyclone.”

Grant said was pleased with the patronage this year as they were partly hindered from having their usual meetings last year because of the covid 19 pandemic.

 “I am impressed with this year’s patronage, including the presence of the first lady, who was also available last year November in Mzuzu, and the women dawning their green colors were gathered in large numbers today,”

The first lady donated 1 million kwacha to WDP which will be used to assist with their charity programs across the country.

WDP has its headquarters in New York, America and they release programs across the world to different countries working with WDP.