Forestry Department tours briquette manufacturing company

On Wednesday 7 July, 2021, the officials from department of forestry toured Infinity Energy Solutions (IES), an alternative energy source producing company in Lilongwe, Malawi that converts discarded waste products into low-fuel briquettes.

Speaking on the event, Chief Forestry Officer Titus Zulu said briquettes made from wastes should be promoted as an alternative energy source to supplement firewood and charcoal which he described as the main drivers of deforestation in the country.

Forestry Department inspecting briquette making machines

"As a country, let's promote these alternative sources of energy so as to fight against charcoal production which is the main cause of deforestation. This is a great initiative in as far as deforestation is greatly concerned,” said Zulu.

The company produces five tons of briquettes per day but has an installed capacity of producing 25 tons per day.

The briquettes are supplied to restaurant, chicken, tissue and other commodity producing and manufacturing companies in Lilongwe.

It indicates that most of the companies currently using the briquettes sold at K7,500 per 50 Kg package (commercial price), had been using illegal firewood and charcoal as their sources of energy in their line of production.

Households and individuals are allowed to access the product at negotiable price of not more than K6,500 per 50KG package.