Four motorists fined for contravening traffic regulations

Four motorists in Mangochi, Macheso Leonard, 21 and 3 others have been ordered by Mangochi First Grade Magistrate's Court on June 22, 2021 to pay a fine of K120,000 each for contravening sections 11, 18 and 141 of Road Traffic Act respectively.

The Court heard through Mangochi Police Prosecutor Sub Inspector Emmanuel Kambwiri, that on the morning of June 14, 2021, Mangochi Police traffic officers were executing their duties at Malangalanga along Mangochi- Chilipa road where they had mounted an adhoc roadblock.

An adhoc roadblock which Mangochi Police mounted

The motorcyclists in question were intercepted for failing to produce driving licences, riding unregistered and uninsured motorcycles.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Publicist, Sub inspector Amina Tepani Daudi, all the accused pleaded guilty to the charges which were levelled against them.In mitigation they asked for court's leniency stating that they are breadwinners. However, the State objected arguing that traffic laws are there and need to be followed by all road users.

Daudi: all the accused pleaded guilty

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Mtunduwatha Mpasu concurred with the State.

He therefore ordered each of them to pay a sum of K40,000 for the count of riding unregistered motorcycle, K40,000 for the count of uninsured motorcycle and another K40,000 for the count of riding a motorcycle without driving licence in default 17 months Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL).

In the meantime, only three among them have paid the fines.

All motorcyclists hail from Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.