Fredokiss to lead UTM youth in support of Banda’s family

Fredokiss real name Penjani Kamlepo Kalua has organized a big walk on 19 June in Balaka to support Lucius and Paul Banda who are sick from kidney failure.

The big walk which is called The Walk of Love will take place in Balaka Township and end at the district’s Stadium where there will be football and Netball bonanza matches with some performance from more than 16 artists.

According to Fredokiss, 16 artists from Balaka who are to perform on the day have pledged to donate k50, 000 to Lucius. They will record a song and shoot a video on the same day while the teams who were supposed to play trophy games worth k200, 000 will donate all to Lucius and family.

Lucius (L) and his brother Paul are suffering from Kidney failure

Youths for UTM and those to participate will wear UTM colours which are red to symbolize the love they have to Lucius Banda family and the games will start at 9am.

The country’s music legendary Lucius and Paul Banda need help to access medical attention abroad. Different musicians, individuals and groups have been donating towards helping the Banda brothers access the much-needed help.