GENET for sustainability of safe spaces

GENET for sustainability of safe spaces

Girls Empowerment Network (GENET) has said it is confident that Safe Space Mentorship Programme achievements will be sustained by different players even after the project exits in December 2022.

GENET Project Coordinator for Nkhata Bay, Juliet Msosa was speaking Sunday in an interview after conducting a refresher and reflection training for girl mentors in the district.

 “We have been preparing for the exit of the project which advocates and establish safe spaces where young girls meet and voice out issues that concern them. We have also been supporting them to form village savings and loans (VSLs) groups,” said Msosa.

According to Msosa the initiative of the establishment of VSLs groups will go a long way in ensuring that the girl mentors continue meeting in the safe spaces.

“We believe that with the grants which we have given them as starter packs for their VSLs the mentors will be able to grow their small scale businesses and participate in community development structures such as gender technical working groups, village, and area development committees,” she added.

Girls Empowerment Network (GENET)
Girl mentors expressing their excitement after the refresher and reflection training

One of the mentors Elinat Chaguza said the refresher and reflection training will go a long way in enhancing the mentors’ knowledge in promoting the well-being of young girls in the district.

 “We are ready to carry on with the interventions even after the exit line of the project. Most young girls and traditional leaders appreciate the importance of safe spaces,” said Chaguza.

On her part, District Gender Development Officer for Nkhata Bay, Cecilia Kaunda said her department through the district council will continue providing technical support to the mentors and all established structures.

“We will continue providing technical backstopping support so that we sustain the project’s achievements,” said Kaunda.

GENET is one of the 23 implementing partners for the Spotlight Initiative in Nkhata Bay District.